Fillingline for 200 lit. DRUMS
System discription:
Pallets with empty drums are placed with forklifttruck on a pallet-plateau.
Then the with vacuum operated de-palletiser takes the drums and places them on a roller-table.
From this driven conveyor the drums are row by row transfered on to a single row roller-conveyor.
The drums are conveyed to one of four pre-selectable buffer gravity roller-conveyors by pneumatic derangers.
One of those buffer-conveyors is also usable for 60 litre drums by adjustable (hinged) side-supports, the drums
are stopped by pneumatic stoppers.
From the selected buffer-conveyor the drums are conveyed on another driven single-row roller-conveyor, from
where the drums are separated and forwarded to the positioning device.
Here the drums are lined-out and rotated until the drum (filling hole) is in the correct position.
After this the drum is transported into the filler.
When the drum is in position a lifter lifts the drum from the conveyor chains and the drum-weight is set to zero (tarra).
After this the filling-rod is lowered into the drum and filling starts.
If the rod is lowered on the drum the system detects this and raises the rod, and the system is stopped, then manual positioning can be applied.
When the filling-rod is deep into the drum, fast filling starts, when the drum is almost full the rod is raised and slow filling
starts until the drum is full.
Filling is controlled by a Mettler multirange KCC300 S+S electronic weighing system.
The filling-station is also equipt with a fume exhause-ventilation device, and washing system for the filling-rod.
After the drum is filled the drum is forwarded onto A roller-conveyor where the drums can be manually closed and rinsed.
From here the drums are transported onto a driven single-row roller-conveyor and from there to three buffer gravity roller-conveyors.
The system is centrally controled by a Siemens S5 PLC and all cables are conncted via Harting connectors in the bottom
of the control-cabinet.
The system is automatically adjusted for 200 to 60 litre drums and visa versa on selection.
The system is made of coated steel.

This system was in full production until Friday 29th of August 2003, filling hydraulic fluids.

Dismantled now and ready for shippment.