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TETRA PAK X-6 PET Bottle blowing equipment

number of cavities: 6
output up to: 6000 bph

Product dimensions:
preform length: 165mm
preform diameter: 18-35mm
neck ring diameter: 27-42mm
maximum neck finish diam: 38mm
neck height: 9-27mm
bottle height: 345mm
bottle diameter: 105mm
bottle volume: 2 litres

Equipment dimensions L x W x H
Blowing module: 3300 x 2320 x 2810mm
Control cabinet: 2440 x 600 x 2150mm

Blowing module: 6300 kg
Control cabinet: 1200 kg
Preforms infeed: 1200 kg
Total: 8700 kg

Noise level at control panel 83Db

Utility requirements:
Installed power maximum: 74kW
Infrared heating 6 zones: 54kW
Operation & feeding system: 20kW
Power supply: 230/400V +/- 10%
Frequency: 50Hz +/- 1%

Cooling water:
Cooling capacity: 12000 kcal/h
Water temperature: 8-12°C

Compressed air:
40 bar dry compressed air for 2 liters bottle 609Nm3/h
8 bar compressed air (service air) consumption 230 Nm3/hr

This installation is brand-new, immediatly available
with installation by Tetra Pak.
Can be delivered with 1,5 lit. mould according to
specification of client.
Very competitive Price !!!
Please ask for quotation: info@ostwest.net