2 x 12,6 MW Pielstick Gen-Sets
2 units of Diesel - Generator Sets

Engine Power 12,6 MW each unit

Maintence condition very good - Total running hours 55,000

Used as a back up unit to Grid and to deliver energy to heating.

Manufactured: 1974 and installed 1975-76
2 complete sets of diesel-generators incl. spareparts.
Fuel used HFO : HFO

Engines :
4-stroke, 18 cylinders, V-built turbocharged medium speed
diesel type S.E.M.T. - Pielstick 18 PC3V.

Engine performance at 20C cooling water temperature, air 27C
and 750 mm Hg pressure:

Max output: 12580 kW
Speed at max output: 428 rpm
Weight: 164 tons
As fuel can be used diesel oil or HFO

Alternators are fully encapsulated 3-phase synchronous
Strömberg design,provided with water/air cooler and with
following main data:

Max output: 12250 kW
Voltage: 10500 V
Current: 793 A
Frequency: 50 Hz
Speed: 428 rpm

ASEA manuf. 70/10 kV, 30 MV

Additional info:
If above units kept warm, each engine can produce power to
common grid in less than 10 min after starting order.